Womb Awakening The Divine Feminine Journey to reclaim your Healing Gifts

Healers come in many forms... You may be working as an energy practitioner, yoga teacher, public speaker etc. - or, you may be channelling spirit through music, writing, painting, cooking... You know you are a healer but have yet to discover or unlock your healing gifts in its entirety.

We're Truth Seekers

What unites healers deeply on our earthly journey is that we are truth seekers! We are seeking to remember who we are. We know where to go to find answers, we go within. And so, each one of us has their unique way of connecting with spirit - be it creativity, meditation, yoga, breathwork, sitting in nature, and so on... But something is still missing. We can feel deeply that we are not using our healing gifts fully. We know there is a deep power within us that wants to be unleashed, but how?

Our Dark Past of Suffering

A healer is a healer, and will always be a healer. If you are a healer in this lifetime, you've been a healer many lifetimes before. Our healing gifts come with a suffering past, that we carry collectively. We've been hunted, burned, tortured.

This trauma sits deep within the core of our being. We decided collectively to store all suffering within our souls to protect us here on Earth, to always remember that we have to be careful whether we reveal ourselves to others or remain silent and hide away to be safe. The time has come to release all suffering as we're entering an era where we can show ourselves fully - the world is ready to us!

Remember, sweet angel, you came here to assist Earth and humanity in their awakening and transformation to higher realms. The time has come to reclaim your divine feminine and powerful healing gifts to fulfill your purpose.

The Power of Womb Awakening

There are times, we’re guided to reach out to other healers to assist us on our sacred journey. If you had this calling, here I am! Together, we will go into the darkest corners to shine light onto past lives where you had to live in fear and were punished for embracing your divinity. Together, we will release deep rooted trauma so you feel safe on Earth to embody your healing gifts fully in this lifetime.

The Offering

In the 4-week Womb Awakening Journey, we will get together weekly for a sacred feminine ceremony where I will be guiding you into a deep womb awakening healing process to release deep rooted trauma from the present & past lives that prevent you from fully embracing your role as a healer in this lifetime which results in you blocking yourself from awakening to your divine feminine essence in its entirety and thus haven't yet embodied your healing gifts fully.

If you're unsure whether you'd like to commit to a 4-week process, I offer one-off ceremonies as introduction to this work for you to experience the womb awakening process first hand. You'll know after this experience whether you'd like to dive deeper into the divine feminine process of awakening your healing gifts.

1x Ceremony for $290
4-week Womb Awakening Journey for $990


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