The Healer within

How does Kundalini activation work? Why does it work? Gain a deeper understanding of Kundalini, energy healing and discover the healer within yourself.

The 2-day energy workshop offers a combination of theory and experience to learn about energy, frequency and vibration. Gain a deeper understanding of the non-physical. Discover the healer within yourself and how you can tap into Kundalini and source energy for healing, transformation & higher consciousness.

What means healing?

The word "healing" is related to the word “holy” which comes from the Old English word hālig, an adjective derived from hāl meaning "whole". Healing does not mean that something is broken or incomplete, it means to remember your wholeness. When you remember your wholeness, you are enlightened. So how do we become enlightened? How do we heal? We heal when we go beyond our ego and identity and realise that we are the universe manifesting through a human nervous system. We heal when we become self-aware.

Transformation & higher consciousness

In this workshop you will deepen your understanding on how to work with energy to transform your way of being - how you think, feel and experience yourself and the world around you. In the process you will develop your intuition and self-awareness. As you become more intune with yourself, you will gain confidence in harnessing source energy within your body to expand your consciousness.


Saturday, 8th August .... 10am to 6pm
Sunday, 9th August ....... 10am to 6pm


The Leela Centre
113-115 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010


Early-bird $490 / Regular $690

To book your spot, please email me at

How to Prepare yourself

If you're Sydney based, I recommend that you join my Kundalini Shakti ceremonies before booking the energy workshop. If you're unable to attend class due to your location, please contact via email to discuss a possible attendance.

What to bring

Bring your yoga mat, notebook & pen, and water bottle. Please also make sure to wear comfortable clothes, and no jewellery.

Sky Rivers

About Sky

Sky Rivers as been working as a Kundalini activation facilitator since 2018, offering weekly Kundalini Shakti ceremonies in Sydney. Sky’s understanding and teachings of Kundalini activation and energy work emerge from her experiences and her studies in the fields of modern science, alchemy and Eastern spirituality. In her work, Sky offers ideas and concepts for you to explore to find your own truth.

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The Healer within

Energy Workshop