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In a past life regression hypnosis you will enter a state of trance where you heighten your level of awareness and expand your consciousness. In this altered state, you enter the quantum field where information becomes available to you that is not accessible in our normal state of being. Just imagine how insightful this can be! I will guide you to the most appropriate past lifetime that holds great insights for you which are relevant to you now in your current life and will help you in understanding a situation or yourself better, and will allow you to release any blockages that hold you back in your growth. Whatever it is, it will become clear, and it will be cleared!

I studied past life regression hypnosis this year because my personal drive is to explore consciousness, and to get another piece of the puzzle to bring us one step closer to the truth of who we really are. I knew that what I am meant to learn is not written down as it has not yet been explored. Thus I knew I won’t be able to find what I’m looking for in books, but I didn’t know where else to find it… so I waited until I was guided to it.

Through my energy work, my awareness has increased incredibly in the past 2.5 years. Thereby I have become also more intuitive and much more trusting in the insights and messages that I receive. I was guided to this particular hypnosis method and was instantly fascinated by it. Because I’m working with altered states of consciousness in Kundalini Awakening, I knew that this hypnosis technique is very powerful. And surely it is! I have facilitated dozens of past life regressions this year, and each one of them has been unique and incredibly beautiful. The lives that have been shown entail deep and insightful stories of lost and love. You will be able to let go of past trauma, and you will feel much lighter for it.

Part of the past life regression hypnosis, which is also known as quantum healing hypnosis technique, is to have a conversation with your subconscious (or higher self, if you prefer that name). This chat happens after I have guided you through your past life. We can ask your subconscious any questions, literally anything that you want to know about your current life, your purpose in this lifetime, your relationships, your family, your career, your health etc.

The exciting part here is that instant healing can take place! If you suffer from any health issues, we can look into the causes during our session. You will receive answers why you have created this experience for yourself. Because of receiving this new level of awareness, you are ready to heal and instant healing tends to take place within the session. Your subconscious will assist in your healing process which is a very powerful experience in itself. In past sessions, chronic hip pain was healed, a missing eardrum was replaced, energetic blockages were released which would have caused physical issues in the future, and so on.

Perhaps you can tell by now, I am very passionate about past life regression hypnosis and I hope that I could spark your curiosity! But let’s face it, if you are on this page, you’re most likely seeking answers and you are probably just as fascinated by past lives as I am.

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I’m looking forward to exploring your past life with you!

ExperiencesWhat Clients say about Past Life Regression

  • Review by Zoey Nigbur

    Zoey Nigbur

    My experience with the past life regression from Sky allowed me to gain greater insights and connect with my higher self, opening a line of communication to my guides that is now available to me at all times. The session was deeply healing, and energising - I felt like I had woke up from a wonderful sleep when the session was finished. My subconscious also advised me to drink way more water, which has since improved my body functioning!

  • Review by Mark Brandis

    Mark Brandis

    My session with Sky was a fascinating experience. Her soothing voice took me very deep into a hypnotic state where I was easily able to travel back into old experiences. My favourites was my time as a nomadic female who communed with nature and then my time as a wolf. Both experiences confirmed my strong connection with nature and my need to spend more time being still in its presence. Sky made the session very comfortable and safe, I always felt cared for and that I was in control. She was very skillful at asking pointed questions that gave me a deeper understanding of my past lives.

  • Review by Ivy Rivett

    Ivy Rivett

    I initially chose to experience past life regression as a novelty, but then when I reflected further I wanted to tap into energies into my other lives and see how the may or may not affect my current life. Our sessions have given me a stronger sense of self and presence in the now. Messages from beyond have further expanded by consciousness - I believe I more confident to pursue my purpose after these moments with Sky. I am deeply honored and immensely grateful for the experience Sky has offered. She is truly valued.

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Past Life Regression

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