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  • Review by Nerida Wu

    Nerida Wu

    My past life regression experience with Sky was quite profound and different to any experience I have had before.

    To begin, Sky interviewed me about my life and any questions I had, and I felt very comfortable with the sympathetic and understanding the way in which she asked her questions. She was also incredibly in tune with me and picked up on the very subtle things I was saying but not understanding about myself! Then she led me into a hypnotic state which again was very comfortable and not intimidating or frightening.

    During the regression I saw myself as a nurse during wartime, in a hospital overflowing with patients. I saw my own wedding and children and I saw my last day on earth. It was all a very peaceful observation. When we looked further into it I understood a little more about myself and my feelings of guilt and anxiety, and why i have made the career and life choices I have made in this life.

    My experience with Sky was overwhelmingly positive, she is extremely gentle but insightful and an amazing teacher and healer. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance!

  • Review by Zoey Nigbur

    Zoey Nigbur

    My experience with the past life regression from Sky allowed me to gain greater insights and connect with my higher self, opening a line of communication to my guides that is now available to me at all times. I wanted to do the session to see if I could clear family blockages, see my past life connections with people in my life now, and learn about my patterns and interests.

    During the session, I felt like I was in a lucid dream; I was in a very relaxed state yet still slightly conscious. Dream-like images were displayed in my mind’s eye as I became four different versions of myself. Each of these lives has given me insight into all the questions I brought to the session. I’m still uncovering more insights as I tap into these lives to learn from them.

    I now see where my major energetic wounds are and what energies I need to channel in the present. Connecting to my subconscious during the session allowed me to recognise that I had been speaking with this part of myself for quite some time.

    I am now able to recognise my intuitive voice and connect to my higher self for more clarity. I feel more integrated, connected and balanced after the session - I am connecting to my source, learning more about myself, and becoming deeply compassionate for all beings in the process. I feel like the regression was a door opening into a deeper layer of me being, allowing new expanded areas to explore and learn from.

    The session was deeply healing, and energising - I felt like I had woke up from a wonderful sleep when the session was finished. My subconscious also advised me to drink way more water, which has since improved my body functioning!

    I am so grateful to Sky for my session and allowing me to connect to myself in a deep and expansive way.

  • Review by Mark Brandis

    Mark Brandis

    My session with Sky was a fascinating experience. Her soothing voice took me very deep into a hypnotic state where I was easily able to travel back into old experiences. My favourites was my time as a nomadic female who communed with nature and then my time as a wolf. Both experiences confirmed my strong connection with nature and my need to spend more time being still in its presence. Sky made the session very comfortable and safe, I always felt cared for and that I was in control. She was very skillful at asking pointed questions that gave me a deeper understanding of my past lives.

  • Review by Lana Hanley

    Lana Hanley

    I was blessed to have the unique experience of undergoing past life regression hypnosis with Sky. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that it would be powerful. So much came up for me during the session that I still find myself reflecting on, and I believe the insights I gained are invaluable to my healing in this life. I now understand myself, and my relationships with certain people, so much more and have deeper compassion for all of us. Sky created an incredibly safe environment throughout the session and I found the whole experience incredibly cathartic.

  • Review by Natalia Sorochin

    Natalia Sorochin

    I wanted to experience Past Life Regression for a while now. Every now and again I would get glimpses and know certain things to be true, things that could not have taken place in this lifetime, so Past Life Regression made perfect sense. I knew and trusted Sky from her Kundalini Awakening work, so when the opportunity presented itself to do the work with her it felt like a sign I could not ignore.

    The experience was magical! Sky held the space so beautifully, I knew I was in safe hands all the way through. Her guidance was gentle and skillful, prompting me to look for clues when I felt lost, but also calming and reassuring when I felt overcome by emotions. I felt an incredible sense of calm and peace after the session. I was amazed by how real it felt, how thin the veil was.

    I felt this incredible sense of relief and lightness in my step, knowing that the universe has my back. The healing work has begun and while it is a process there is a sense of ease about it, rather than feeling like an uphill battle.

  • Review by Karina Kallio

    Karina Kallio

    The past life regression was a long, long journey back in space and time, into the body and through the subconscious mind. It was full of unexpected insights. Sky led me through the process in a safe and nurturing way, opening space for the journey to take unfold. Thank you for your time and taking me on a journey of self and life discovery.

  • Review by Sam Ryan

    Sam Ryan

    Wow... wow... wow... just wow!

    Sky is such an amazing healer! She has such a warm and kind heart and is so connected to the universe!

    I would highly recommend doing a past life regression hypnosis with her! It was truly life changing and helped me to get to the root cause of my problem! I started off at the beginning of time, with all my soul family, then I met Ganesh getting a huge universal download! I then went through my own life visiting important times that had been blocking me from moving forward and I had so many emotional releases and felt so great after! My next past life was as a Samurai in Japan, and after talking to a friend about it she suggested watching the movie 47 Ronin, which I hadn’t seen before, and my armour was exactly the same as the movie, so trippy.

    This past life helped me to understand the root cause of my anxiety so I could let it go! Sky is sensational!

  • Review by Ashley Hudson

    Ashley Hudson

    I did the past life regression with Sky to help clarify my life’s purpose further and to gain valuable insights of my life from another perspective. The experience was like being an observer in a dream like state. As I shifted through each life experience, it was like changing train track directions.

    By doing this session I gained a clear understanding of why I am drawn to certain experiences and I gained even more trust in life. I was able to let the past go, and the session allowed space for me to let sadness go and felt instantly lighter and naturally happier.

    It also removed the chronic sciatic pain around my hamstring. Most of all the people I see everyday noticed a positive shift in my energy and we can’t help but have so much fun.

  • Review by Ivy Rivett

    Ivy Rivett

    I initially chose to experience past life regression as a novelty, but then when I reflected further I wanted to tap into energies into my other lives and see how the may or may not affect my current life.

    As I deeply trust Sky and her abilities, I felt called to explore my many lives with her. I felt comfortable immediately with Sky, our sessions took us to many places and personalities.

    Our sessions have given me a stronger sense of self and presence in the now. Messages from beyond have further expanded by consciousness - I believe I more confident to pursue my purpose after these moments with Sky.

    I am deeply honored and immensely grateful for the experience Sky has offered. She is truly valued.

  • Review by Angela Grisdale

    Angela Grisdale

    I’ve always had a general curiosity about past lives and reincarnation. I believe that trauma in a past life can overflow into one’s current life and this was confirmed during the session. Having been to many of Sky’s Kundalini ceremonies, I felt very safe in her hands and trusted her implicitly.

    The session itself was both confronting and fascinating. I discovered so much more about myself and why I do certain things and behave in certain ways in this lifetime.

    During the session and the days that followed, I noticed major healing in my heart area which I attribute to a releasing of past trauma. My heart is more open and I am showing more love and interest in my life. I also seem to have gained a strength and knowing that I have never felt before.

    Through this experience, Sky has helped me resolve some of the issues that have been plaguing my mind for a long time and I am so grateful for that. Thank you Sky!

  • Review by Kitti Luschwitz

    Kitti Luschwitz

    Curiosity was the main driving force - I wanted to know what would emerge from my subconscious when prompted to pose a list of questions to which answers do not seem apparent or clear at an everyday level.

    While much of my patterning and conditioned mind can be attributed to known experiences in this lifetime, much is still a mystery. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to journey into spaces where experiences that may be impacting me now could be reviewed.

    Sky provided a very safe, tranquil environment allowing me to slip into a deep state. Her guidance throughout the session was gentle and playful, a comforting but unobtrusive presence.

    The session took me to three unique experiences, each rich in content. I was able to explore each of these worlds/lives in vivid detail. At first they appeared quite random in nature until my prewritten questions revealed the relevance of each one.

    Listening back to the recording later I was able to sense volumes more detail that had been a part of each experience despite not vocalising it all at the time.

    The biggest insights were to do with clarity around how to approach certain issues in my life now. There is a greater sense of connection to the web of life and the purpose of each story. There is appreciation for the overlapping and intertwined nature of the real, imaginary and symbolic elements that each contribute to our experience of the NOW!

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