Kundalini Awakening Facilitator 3-Months Mentor Program with Sky Rivers

Join my 3-month mentor program to cultivate kundalini shakti energy and learn how to use it for transformation, healing and growth, under my guidance.

This program is ideal for you, if you want to learn / understand how to use intention, bodywork and sound to access kundalini shakti energy; you want to strengthen your intuition and become more and more fluid in tapping into your inner wisdom; and you'd love to gain experiences working with kundalini shakti energy under my guidance and learn to trust your inner guidance

Working as energy healer

In our 3-month together, you will strengthen your abilities to access kundalini shakti energy and learn how to use it for transformation, healing and growth. This mentor program prepares you to work as an energy healer and can be used as a foundation to explore various healing modalities. By the end of this mentor program, you will have a deeper awareness and potentially new interests that you want to explore on your journey to unlock your full potential as an energy healer.


To be excellent in what we do, to truly empower ourselves and others, it is our responsibility as energy healers to personally drive our spiritual growth and to always continue learning as a humble student of life.

Program Outline

The 3-month mentor program includes weekly face-to-face and/or online mentoring. I recommend setting weekly 8 hours aside for home studies and practical work.

Dates & Location

You can start at any time, from anywhere in the world.


for training fees and any questions.

Kundalini Facilitator

Mentor Program