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I've worked with 1000s of students to expand their mind and transform their well-being. In my training, I share my insights and personal learnings with you to encourage you to follow your own path, to learn to trust in your intuition, and to develop confidence to think outside the box.

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About this Training

How do I activate Kundalini energy? You ask me to show you a tiny grain. To understand it, we must go to the beach and explore the sand...

My training offers a new way of learning that will expand your understanding of energy healing, and quite frankly of life! In this training you will undergo a tremendous personal and spiritual growth. You will recover your intuition by gaining first-hand experiences working with energy. On top of that, we will explore diverse spiritual & scientific concepts for you to form your own opinions, ideas and truths about energy and how you want to work as an energy healer.

In this training you will build your own framework on how you want to work with energy combining your passion, interests, and knowledge. You will begin to explore the infinite possibilities of energy, and learn that it is really up to you what tools and medium you choose to create your energy healing. Perhaps it's not bodywork and sound, perhaps it's writing, cooking or public speaking.

How it works

This training can be started at any time, from anywhere in the world. To nurture individual learning goals and interests, the training is offered as one-on-one training with a duration of 3 months. A weekly time commitment of 8 hours is required from you to enrol. An individual learning plan will be designed for you at the start.


This training includes face-to-face / online mentor sessions and practical work BUT! your learnings won't end here. To be excellent in what you do, to truly empower yourself and others, it is your responsibility to personally drive your spiritual growth and to continue learning as a humble student of life.

Training Fee

$3900 (Payment Plan available)


This training can be started at any time, from anywhere in the world. Contact me today to discuss the possibility of training with me. >

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Energy Training