Facilitator Training

Learn how to use sound and bodywork to assist your clients in releasing stuck emotions, such as anxiety and stress, which opens up the body to a greater energy flow that transforms the physical and mental well-being over a short period of time.

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About this Training

The Body Awaken Method (BAM!) is a scientific based training with an intuitive learning framework that will expand your intuition, skills and scientific understanding of this profound energy work. It includes 4 days of face-to-face training, 5 weeks of 1 weekly group mentor session via video chat, and practical work.

Quantum Field & Body Functions

  • Learn the fundamentals of quantum physics to understand the zero point and its infinite potential to intentionally work with energy in your sessions
  • Learn about the human energy field and its energy layers to gain insights on how to best facilitate energy with each individual in your sessions
  • Learn about the body’s nervous system to understand the human conditioning, behaviour patterns, addictions etc. to understand the shifts your students will be going through as the energy will renew and rebuild their body’s nervous system

Science of Sound - my favourite part!

  • Learn how to use music to activate Kundalini energy
  • Learn how to use frequencies to work on specific energy centres (chakras)

Your Energetic Signature

  • Discover your energetic signature and how to use your energy as a healer
  • Understand your core values, interests and passions to attract students that resonate most with your energy work, and that you love working with
  • Gain confidence in working with energy
  • Learn how to hold space for individuals and groups

Practical Work

To complete your training you require to get at least 40 hours of practical work under your belt. You can finish the practical work in your own time by offering one-on-one sessions to friends and family. Please note, even though I developed a robust training program, not every facilitator will learn at the same speed and is able to apply my teachings in the same manner. It is your responsibility to put into place whatever it is you need, e.g. additional practical work, further studies or mentoring, to become excellent in your work and to ensure you always provide quality services.

What's next?

After successful completion of your training, you can start working as an energy facilitator in Body Awakening, or use it as a kickstart to dive deeper into energy healing for your personal growth, or develop your own energy healing offerings combining your passion, interests, and knowledge.


This training offers a total of 100 training hours which include face-to-face training days, online mentor sessions and practical work. I will teach you my framework of Kundalini activation and I will give you all the fundamentals that you need to start working in this field successfully. Having said that, it is important to me to emphasize that your learnings won't end here. To be excellent in what you do, to truly empower yourself and others, it is your responsibility to drive your own spiritual growth by continuing to learn as a humble student of life. Always drive to be the best version of yourself to be the best version for others!

Training Date

August 2020, 6th - 9th (Thursday to Sunday)
10am to 6pm each day


The Leela Centre
113-115 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Training Fee

$3900 (Payment Plan available)

Important! The spots are strictly limited, thus if you are interested, please reach out asap and let me know why you’d like to join this training program. My email:

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Facilitator Training