Looking for a guru? Follow you.

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Have you seen the Netflix documentary about Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram yoga?

Bikram started off with such a pure intention to heal others with knee issues. Overtime money and power became more important. He misunderstood his status and used it to chase his own desires. Those affected by it were afraid to speak up, out of fear they will lose their careers and future.⁠

Is is not as simple as to say, he’s the bad guy and they are the victims. Something deeply rooted in human conditioning allowed these events to play out this way.

We put others on pedestals when we project our dreams onto them. We make them our knight in shining armour who has come to rescue us! We see them as perfect and believe they are better than us. We get so drunk on admiration that we overlook their flaws. The more people follow, the more social validation they receive and it becomes normal to agree to everything they say and do – even if it feels wrong to us, but because everyone else seems okay with it, we force ourselves to be okay with it too.

When someone claims: “I’m the most spiritual man that you’ll ever meet in your life!” (actual quote from Bikram Choudhury) – do not follow them, turn around and run!

There are many wonderful teachers and mentors in this world that have your highest interest at heart. Your growth is their priority. When you are in the presence of such people, it is a very uplifting experience.

Listen to your gut, your intuition! If someone or something doesn’t resonate with you, acknowledge it. It is okay to disagree. Others can only suggest advice to you based on what they believe is good for you, but you have to make the final call on this! You know when it feels right.⁠

Follow your inner wisdom – that’s your guru!⁠

Much love,