Let’s travel into the darkness!

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Let’s travel into the darkness to uncover the BS that you keep telling yourself (subconsciously!)

When you feel unwell, what do you do? Do you allow yourself to feel uncomfortable emotions? Or do you judge yourself for feeling this way? Do you tell yourself you should not feel this way, it is wrong to feel this way and you need to get over it!

There is no escape from who we are, there is only surrender. It’s astounding what can happen when we surrender to how we feel, our discomfort transforms into beauty. ⁠

Let’s embrace all emotions, not just the joyful and happy ones. Let’s not shy away from our hurt. Let’s not cover it up anymore. Let’s not avoid it by distracting ourselves with social media, Netflix, drinks, food, people… Instead sit with your emotions, allow yourself to fully feel and listen to what your body has to say.⁠

From that place of surrender, great insights show up that allow us to see the hidden stories that shape our beliefs. The hidden stories that we create for ourselves, the hidden stories we receive from your ancestors, the hidden stories that we receive from humanity. The hidden stories that create lack and limitations in your life and in mine.⁠

Rather than keeping all those hidden stories in the dark attic of our homes (our bodies!), let’s shine light on them! How can we do this? And, why should we?

Emotions are the gateway to enter our subconscious mind where all hidden stories are neatly preserved. Once we uncover a hidden story, a new state of awareness is born that transform our way of being. This is a natural progression – because once we know something, we can’t un-know it. This new state of awareness will impact how we see ourselves, how we see others, how we feel and what we believe to be true. It will impact how we act and react to ourselves, to others, and to life.

Much love,