Hidden stories

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

You are born with an empty book that wants to be filled. In every moment, you’re writing your story but it’s not just you writing into your book – you have many co-authors such as our family, our society, our culture, and everything else external. Especially when you were little, many people wrote into your book, because you didn’t know how to write yet.

Once we realise we each have our own book, we can become the editor of our book rather than just playing the character in our story. From this higher perspective, we can read the sentences in our book and fully understand the thoughts and ideas that are communicated with each sentence. We can now also consciously choose our co-authors, the people that contribute with their beliefs and ideas to our story.

Many people don’t take the time to flip back in their own book to read already existing pages. Many people don’t even write their own story, even though they have learned to write by now, but instead they subconsciously hand over the pen to others and let them fill in the blank pages.

We do “the work” when we not only read but edit our own book. We do “the work” when we go back to already existing chapters to find the particular thought or idea that causes us to not feel good in the Now. ⁠

When we are awake, we are able to find those sentences in our book! Sentences that were perhaps written by others and thus were never our own creation to begin with, or perhaps we did write them ourselves in the past but they require to be updated now – because we acknowledge that we are ever-evolving beings that receive new insights and understandings as we learn and grow, and thus our own evolution will always impact how we read and edit our own book and how we perceive our own story.⁠

Suddenly there are no more negative or limiting beliefs, there are only beliefs that communicate thoughts and ideas that were written into our book in the past, and now it is up to us whether we keep them or edit them to continue writing our ever-evolving story.⁠⁠

Much love,