Enjoying your own company

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Confession time! I’ve done it! And not just once! I jumped into relationships too quickly in the past. As a result, I found myself in unhealthy arguments all the time. We constantly would attempt to change each other to get the partner we actually want.

But it’s actually so simple! We can’t fit a square through a circle! We’ve learned these basic physics in Kindergarten but in relationships, we become so eager to make it work that we fail to see that some things will never work, because they simply don’t fit!

Ask yourself: Does he light my fire, or does he put it out?

Don’t change yourself to be loved by him, and don’t ask him to change for you, so you can love him. When our core values don’t align, when we drive for different things in life, and when our personalities don’t complement each other and you argue constantly – it is time to sit down together and have an honest conversation.⁠

Write down what you want, be CLEAR about what you want in your relationship, and evaluate together if you are on the same page. Sometimes, it is better to simply change the form of your relationship from being partners to being friends. You don’t have to lose him, he can still be part of your life, just in a different constellation.

You deserve the relationship that you desire for yourself. You’re not too picky! You know what you want! Don’t make yourself smaller than you are! You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be loved for who you are! And wouldn’t you want to drive for a relationship in which you can easily love your partner unconditionally, also?

Much love,