Being in flow with progress

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

That’s what progress looks like to me. One step at a time, and enjoying the view along the way!

We are so judgemental about our progress! We expect it will always go forward in the same direction, fast-paced and with measurable results by the end of each day. When progress slows down or we got nothing to measure it on, we get frustrated with ourselves, we start giving ourselves less love because we don’t “deserve” it. We tell ourselves we need to work harder, we need to move faster. We start pushing. We start forcing progress.

While pushing progress might work for some, or for a little while, it is not sustainable long-term as it requires an immense amount of energy to push something that doesn’t flow naturally.

And, there is always the danger of pushing our progress into the wrong directions because our mind tells us this is what progress looks like, and this is what needs to be accomplished, and if we don’t get there soon than we are a failure!

What if we shift this old idea to following understanding? Progress always happens, it doesn’t even matter if we participate consciously or intentionally in it. What do I mean by that? Everyday we wake up and gain another day of experiences of living our lives. Events, people, situations, whatever we encounter in our day provides us with new experiences and new learnings. It enables us to grow. And that is progress!

Of course, we all have our agenda of what we want to accomplish on a daily basis, and in life. We have short-term and long-term goals. But what if we step away from our expectations of when things need to happen, and how they should happen? And instead we trust that life supports us and that everything will happen when it is supposed to.

Much love,