Becoming whole again!

Monday, December 16th, 2019

What does it mean to become whole again? For me it’s about accepting all of me, my ambition – my laziness, my contentment – my anger, being compassionate – being ruthless, nailing it – making mistakes, and so on… ⁠

Being spiritual does not mean neglecting the “ugly” parts of us (and truly there aren’t any… it’s just judgement that lives within us). Being spiritual means embracing our whole being! And it’s called unconditional love! ⁠

So really… it’s not actually a matter of becoming whole again, it’s a matter of realising that we already are!⁠

Embrace your wholeness! To continue diving deep into your body to explore your emotions, to discover your true essence and to shred any beliefs that hold you back from stepping into your authentic power and loving life fully!⁠

Much love,