Sky Rivers

Hi! I’m Sky.

My Kundalini Awakening was the beginning of a powerful transformation that took place in the coming years, and it is still unfolding as I’m writing this.

As my learned beliefs on who I am and what I can and cannot do are slowly dissolving, I get to experience this profound connection of self and all there is. And, to my own surprise it’s not a new connection - it’s an ancient connection and the same connection that I felt as a little girl writing poetry and making music. I was channelling spirit without knowing I was channelling.

For me Kundalini Awakening is the process of remembering who we are and what we came here for. And so, day by day, if we allow it and trust the process, we are gifted beautiful insights and learnings about ourselves.

Once you allow yourself to receive love and guidance, you open your heart and start feeling (the true seeing) the magic that is all around you, and life becomes nothing but an incredible experience that you'd recommend to others.

My Spiritual Oath

I am here to contribute through energy healing, music and poetry, to raise the frequencies of our human consciousness and planet Earth. I am here to assist the collective, as I assist you individually in your spiritual awakening by being a loving friend who guides you in your spiritual growth and personal development, so you can live a life full of passion, love and purpose.

What means Sky Rivers?

Sky stands for limitlessness and freedom, and Rivers represents the flow of life. In numerology, it carries the energy of “2” which stands for union and yin, the feminine.

Intuitive Work meets Science

My energy work is built on the foundation of intuition / inner wisdom as well as the analytical mind, in order to communicate ideas and insights.

I like to connect the dots of spirituality and science, and so in my work, I often refer to quantum physics which is in ‘accidental’ alignment with the spiritual understanding of life as quantum physicists continue to accidently prove in their scientific discoveries what mystics have experienced and shared in their teachings for thousands of centuries.

And last but not least, my work is the result of everyone I have ever met and continue to meet on my path of exploration. No matter if we’ve known each other for years or if it has been a short encounter from a distance, I consider you all wonderful teachers who contribute to my awakening and spiritual growth by sharing your presence and co-creating experiences with and for each other.

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